Employee Highlight: Weronika

Weronika comes from the Czech Republic, but her roots are from Poland and she therefore speaks both Czech and Polish . She came to Denmark when she was 18, right after graduating from high school, and she has now been living in Denmark for 3 years. She started her school journey at EAL in Vejle studying Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management and then moved to Odense and finished her Academy Profession degree. She then continued her education at UCL Erhvervsakademi og Professionshøjskole in Odense and is currently studying the Bachelor’s programme in Innovation & Entrepreneurship with focus on Business Development, Marketing and Management.

Aa part of her studies, she began her collaboration with Coalescent Mobile Robotics in January 2019, in that occasion, she was implementing her knowledge from day-to-day lessons into a start-up. The collaboration lasted for 3 months, and she was basically responsible along with one of her colleague Natalia in setting up our company website.  After her school project she continued to work with us as an intern and help with researching topics in User Experience base around robotics. Through this she produced 6 articles:

  1. Innovation Diffusion: has it always been a problem?
  2. Are people Affraid of Change?
  3. Robotcs Across Cultures
  4. The Robot Journey: From Enclosed Box to Cobot
  5. Are robots actually taking our jobs?
  6. Robot as a Colleague

Weronika is a creative soul with an interest in design and social media presence and in her free time, she loves to be creative, make music and sing but also loves to be social.

If you would like to join our team, check out our available positions HERE, or contact us at info@cm-robotics.com