Senior Backend Developer

Coalescent Mobile Robotics is an up and coming start-up, developing a mobile robotics application for retail based in Odense, Denmark. We have ambitious and exciting projects in our pipeline that will require people who are motivated and take initiative to make things happen.


*** This is a full-time position, to start as soon as possible. Salary and warrants to be negotiated based on experience. ***


We are looking for a backend engineer with strong Python skills and experience building fault-tolerant scalable systems in the cloud following best modern practices.

Core Responsibilities

As a senior backend developer, you will help us architect and develop fleet management solutions for mobile robots and integration software to interact with the cloud infrastructure of our partners.

As we work on the edge of technology, we also expect you to strengthen our team by bringing in and promoting modern concepts in computer science, such as serverless technologies and microservices.


We are looking for well-rounded developers with the following skills.

– 5+ years of experience developing clean code using test-driven development and following SOLID principles.

– Knowledgeable in functional programming, e.g., immutability, ADTs, functors, monads, purity, side-effects, and idempotency.

– Experience developing at least one reactive or event-driven programming system, e.g., Apache Kafka, ZIO, Akka, Akka-Streams, and AWS-lambda.

– Either basic Kubernetes skills or solid experience using Cloud infrastructure (e.g., AWS and Google Cloud) with Docker and willingness to learn Kubernetes.

– Fluency in Python is required, and it is advantageous to have experience in statically typed functional languages, e.g., Scala, Haskell, Elm, F#, and Rust.

What we offer as a company

– We are a very international team, working well together

– First to bring mobile robots to the retail environment

– Focused on users and people

– Company is backed by veterans in the robotics industry

– Leeway to personal and career development

Does this sound interesting to you? Take your career to the next level – join our team!