Senior Robotics Software Developer

Our robots help supermarket staff with their daily jobs of filling orders, going to shelves to collect products, and bringing them to the final customers. As a Senior Robotics Software Developer in Coalescent Mobile Robotics, you will be in charge of improving our autonomous navigation stack while ensuring reliable integration with supporting systems. You will have the unique opportunity to work with a skilled cross-functional development team in key company projects such as autonomous navigation in densely populated store areas, fleet management orchestration, and precision driving. 

*** This is a full-time position, to start as soon as possible. Salary and warrants to be negotiated based on experience. ***

Your Responsibilities:

  • Enhance core robotics algorithms, such as navigation, localization, and object detection 
  • Collect and analyze data from customer sites to validate and improve the robot’s performance 
  • Work together with the team to continuously improve the product 

You Must Have:

  • At least 5 years of industry experience in robotics – preferably mobile robotics 
  • Industry experience developing robotics solutions with ROS – preferably ROS2 
  • Advanced knowledge of core Robotics and Computer networking systems, technologies, and protocols such as SLAM, navigation, ROS, ROS2, peer-to-peer and client-server models) 
  • Strong software development skills in modern C++ and Python 
  • Proficiency in Linux 
  • Industry experience with Continuous Integration and Delivery 

Nice to Have:

  • Experience participating in a product’s lifecycle from conceptual design to servicing software in the field 
  • Experience with C++17 or later revisions 
  • Experience servicing robots in the field 


  • Flexible hours 
  • A great international working environment 
  • Team-building activities 

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