For all your in store transportation needs

We live in a high paced world where competition is fierce, especially for the retail industry. People can decide between one retailer or another by the click of a button, and so there is constant pressure for retailers to keep up with trends and keep their costs low, to keep ahead and stay relevant to their customers. To keep ahead you need to be innovative in your approach, and we at Coalescent Mobile Robotics are here to help. We have developed a mobile robot, CMR-Serena, to automate all your in-store transportation needs, which can save thousands of hours for you to reinvest into your store to continue making it remarkable.


All-in-one transportation

Product mapping feature

Unprecedented safety

Retail focused design

Zero technical know-how

High ROI


Increased restocking efficiency

Reduced inventory

Greater customer engagement

Lower staff training 

Higher margins

Reduction in injuries


Restocking Product

The number 1 reason customers shop in other stores is if items of interest are missing from the store. And so ensuring the store shelves are always stocked is hugely important. CMR-Seren can help you with this!

CMR-Serena can transport trolley loads, of up to 300Kg, autonomously from the storage area to the aisle that requires restocking, freeing up time for your staff to work on other tasks to help increase your customers in-store shopping experience.


Click-and-collect services are becoming a must have for supermarkets. This service has especially been heightened during the Covid19 pandemic. While CMR-Serena is not helping with restocking, she can be out there helping you with all your order fulfillment needs.

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