Coalescent Mobile Robotics offers a store wide approach for increasing the efficiency of hypermarket’s internal processes. Our system consists of a fleet of autonomous mobile robots that can be used for automating all areas of transportation within the store. From helping with order fulfillment for the store click-and-collect service, to helping transport goods during daily restocking periods. The robots can be adapted to any transportation needs of our customers. The system also has an innovative solution for collecting and dropping off goods at the precise product locations within the store.

We are first movers in this field and our patented transportation device allows us to adapt our navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities to suit the transportation task at hand. We are committed to being leaders in creating the ultimate robot for moving products around the store, while helping to lead the way for the supermarket of the future.


Our human-friendly Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) “CMR-Serena” is capable of navigating dynamic environments without the need for physical guidance. By cooperating and working alongside people it can help you manage the entire logistics chain more quickly, efficiently, and accurately increase the efficiency with supermarket operations.