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In-Store Transportation

In-store Logistics.

At Coalescent Mobile Robotics we want to open the doors to the retail industry to take advantage of what the industrial sector has been taking advantage of for years… automation. On average, employees of the retail sector spend 40% of their time walking from one location to another, to carry out tasks such as pushing and pulling heavy trolleys, restocking shelves and general upkeep of the store. A lot of these tasks are laborious and repetitive and cause physical strains on the human body. We are here to automate some of these processes, so that workers can work efficiently and concentrate on more creative and rewarding tasks with improved working standards. 

We help the retail sector by both helping employers provide a better working environment for their employees, but also by reducing the time and cost associated with people walking long distance each day. We are offering a fully integrated system, that is easy to setup in the store, and requires minimal interaction from the employees.

In-Store Transportation.

The types of transportation we support.

Click & Collect

With the rise of on-line shopping, we are here to offer Legacy Grocers the possibility to automate the transportation of their on-line order fulfilment trolleys. Along with store managers, pick-up and drop-off areas are selected for the desired zones and the robot will then transport the trolleys to and from the storage areas.


As consumers continue to buy their daily needs, these products need to be replaced daily in Legacy Stores. Depending on the size of the store and where it is located, 300+ pallets can move through the store on a weekly basis. These pallets are heavy and cause strain on the human body. We offer the possibility of automating the transportation of these products, saving time for the stores, and increasing the working standards of the store employees.

Other Needs

The trolley used by our robots can be adapted to the transportation requirements of the stores. We could adapt a trolley to hold all cleaning products. Then as and when needed the robot can be signalled to bring the cleaning trolley to a desired location.

The Rosa Retail Nucleus

Our fully integrated transport automation system.

Mapping & System Setup

A map of the store is created and then with the help of the store manager we evaluate and define pick-up and drop-off locations for the different workflows.

User Interaction

Our Frida App has been designed and developed with simplicity in mind, with minimal interaction from the user. Use the app to tell our system; whether a trolley is full or empty; where it is located and what product is on it.

Automated Transportation

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Trolley Placement

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Charging & System Monitoring

Our R2N control system monitors the battery level of our robots, among other system health variables, and sends them to charge when required or sends a report of issues.


The way we integrate our system.

Store Evaluation

The first step in finding an optimal solution for Legacy Stores, is to understand the inner workings of the store. To make an evaluation on the business case and the technical feasibility we need to understand:

- The throughput of products within the store
- Processes
- Internal dynamics

Among others.
Our in-house expert User Experience researcher will evaluate the store, and along with our business developer write a report with recommendations with regards to automation and best practice for high return on investment.

Risk Assessment

After the store evaluation, and with an agreement to proceed with the automation of goods within the store, our in-house risk assessment experts will be sent out to evaluate the store from an operational and safety standpoint.
Here we will provide a report with consideration to be take for the safe integration of a fleet of mobile robots in the store.
Some areas we look are:
- Busy zones
- Emergency doors
- Automated doors

Full System Integration

The store integration is the 3rd step in the process. At this stage we will have gained a deep understanding of the store process, and have a detailed plan with regards to how many robots the store needs, where to pay specific attention for a smooth integration process, into the pre-existing store workflows.
We pride ourselves in offering a solution that:

- Requires minimal integration in the store enterprise infrastructure.
- Little to know modification in the store physical infrastructure.

Risk Assessment

Robots are very susceptible to their environment. A robot’s ability to perform its job safely and securely is heavily dependent upon its understanding of its surroundings. Once we have evaluated your store and we see that we can provide value to your organisation, we move to doing a risk assessment of the environment. This helps us to highlight areas such as the ones in the list below, so that we can incorporate this when we integrate our system to your store.
- Emergency doors
- Busy zones and routes
- Automated doors

Full System Integration

Our system is comprised of the following components:
- The Rosa Retail Nucleus: server used as our central control system. This system is used for multi robot control and synchronisation.
- CMR-Serena: our fleet of robots for the transportation of goods within the store.

For full system integration we look at:
- Interface with store enterprise system, (in the simplest way possible?)
- Trolley types – maybe new design?
- Operational data acquisition, data analysis and reporting
- Intelligent / optimised task execution via integration with ERP / WMS / PMS
- One stop-shop life cycle support


Value Proposition.

Return on Investment

The retail industry has been changing at such a fast pace, that it has created this sense of urgency to find technologies that will help them gain market share and adapt to the needs of the new workforce who want jobs that are:

- More fulfilling.
- Less physically demanding.

Legacy Grocers have a very large property portfolio, and technologies introduced to this industry needs to help them stay ahead while making more use out of this property portfolio.   

Key Performance Indicators

As a company we know that our success is in response to the success of our customers and partners, and so we work together to highlight key performance indicators that can be measure by all. This helps keep the focus on addressing what is really needed to move forward.

Other benefits

While significant savings can be calculated through the time saved in transportation:

- 5+mins /online fulfilment trip.
- 15 mins /pallet.

Other value we provide are:

- Better working standards.
- Less employee onboarding.
- Map with product placement.
- Greater customer shopping experience.
- Possibility for upskilling employees.
- Forward thinking image and store identity.