Soma started working with us since early Feburary as a intern Robotics Engineer. He is currently studying IT Technology at UCL, here in Odense. He spent 4 years studying Software Development in high school back in Hungary. He’s shown a great flair for programming and problem solving, and it is great to have him on board working on our Mobile Robotics platforms, which will automate the transportation of goods within Supermarkets.

Soma is now going to extend his internship and continue doing his final year project with us, with hopes that he will continue on as a student assistant as he continues his studies. He is very interested in robotics and especially adapting his software skills to hardware. He is specifically working on using vision to detect obstacles common to Supermarkets in order to use this data to help our robot, Pumba, navigate around them.

I like the challenge and how it helps me to learn the required skills that I need in my profession. I like the people that I can work with and the startup environment suits me perfectly. I feel like my work is important and useful on the grand scale of the company”

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