A little intro

We are a young company with some exciting developments happening within. We will be moving out the Odense Robotics Startup Hub just as soon as things calm down with this unfortunate COVID19 pandemic. We have a pilot program set in place to start at the beginning of 2021, so we are looking to grow our team gradually. We are also focusing on extending our sites to other European countries, so we have interesting projects to work on in many exciting areas. We have a nice small team at the moment that works nicely together, who are all very into what they are doing and who are driven by learning. We are looking for people who get excited about learning and working on projects that will change our future. We have a focus and direction for each of our job postings, but we are open to educated opinions on how you think things could be done better. If you think that this type of attitude suits you and one of the job postings fits with your skills, please send us an email and don’t forget to attach your CV :)!


Marketing Internship/Master Project

Motivated & Curious Marketing
[Fall Semester 2020]

Multimedia Design Internship/Master Project

Exceptional Creative Flair
[Fall Semester 2020]

Robotics Engineering Internship/Master Project

Curious & Self Motivated
[Fall Semester 2020]

Ansolicited Application

If you think we are interesting and that you can bring something to the table, then please don’t hesitate to send us an unsolicited application 🙂