“What’s in a name?” as the famous quote says. /Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet/  

Have you ever wondered where our name comes from? How about we tell you.  

The English word ‘coalesce’ originally comes from the Latin verb ‘coalescere’ which means “to unite, to grow together or to become one in growth”. In this sense, Coalescent Mobile Robotics is a special union where culturally diverse people are united to design and build agile, fast and smooth Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to address specific industrial challenges primarily experienced by small and medium-sized enterprises.    


‘Coalescent’ represents the diversity of our company with employees from all over the world including Ireland, Italy, and South Korea. But it also refers to our non-human teammate “CMR-Serena”, the collaborative robot that is designed to work alongside humans to create a more productive and effective working environment for us all. 

And what could be a better reinforcement of this brand identity than our ‘tetris-like’ logo? As tetris blocks need to rotate or adapt to find ways to fit together in order to make a line or lateral unity, our employees also need to learn how to cocreate and work together. Even though, every tetris block is different, just like our employees, our business partners and our robots, they are all working together toward the same goal: to unite and to grow together.


Coalescent Mobile Robotics (CM-Robotics) is an Odense-based, robotics startup that designs and builds agile, fast and smooth collaborative robots (Cobots) in order to assist small and medium-sized enterprises to optimize their storage and inventory management. We truly believe that humans and robots can coexist in the workforce thus we offer a unique and innovative robotics solution to automate your internal transportation and logistics.  

We are a truly international company where people are the most important factors. We aim to work with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners in order to grow together and to create value. Our mission is to enable people and robots to collaborate and work together in order to make our lives easier. Our work culture is driven by four main values which are deeply embedded in our hearts and minds. These values define how we do business and how we interact with our colleagues, partners, and customers. As we strongly stand by these values, we see our company’s strengths in diversity, passion, innovation and respect.


🇮🇪 Clionadh Martin

Founder & Ceo


CXO - UX Researcher

🇪🇸Pau Carré Cardona

Senior Data Scientist

🇵🇹André Sousa

Mechanical Engineer

🇰🇷Dawon Park

Marketing Manager


🇭🇺Soma Gallai

robotics student assistant

🇩🇰Vivian Li

robotics masters student

🇮🇳Tanmay Deshmukh

robotics software engineer

🇫🇷 Erwin Lejeune

robotics intern


🇩🇰Niels Jul Jacobsen


🇩🇪Sigune Suttner


  • Our 3w's= the way we work
    • Focus on customers’ needs and satisfaction and provide consistent and remarkable experience.
    • Prioritize employees’ well-being rather than profits. 
    • If you’re here to get help, make it as easy as possible for others to help you. 
    • If you’re here to help others, be patient and welcoming
    • Be clear and constructive when giving feedback, and be open when receiving it.
    • Be kind and avoid sarcasm—tone is hard to decipher online.
    • Flag harmful behavior, whether it’s directed at you or others.

Diversity is our core philosophy: we respect, appreciate and embrace all kinds of differences, realizing that we can all learn from each other by contributing with diverse perspectives, experience, knowledge and culture to the common goal. We believe that diversity can boost creativity and foster innovation which is essential for our industry.


We are passionate about our industry, our jobs and building our brand. Our passion for robotics is the fuel, the internal motivator, the energy that drives us forward. Coming from different backgrounds, all our employees are fascinated with technology (especially with robots) and are deeply concerned about clients and quality.


We believe that the strength of our company is the respect for our people. By constantly empowering, supporting and rewarding them we are striving to build a profitable, long-term relationship to deliver the best value proposition to our suppliers and customers. As a responsibility for our present and our future in this planet, we are minimizing our impact on the environment by developing an innovative technology and solution to reduce food waste and carbon footprint.


In the rapidly evolving world, which is driven mainly by technology, we believe that in order to stay relevant and to create value we need to constantly improve and develop new technologies, new ideas to deliver the best solutions for our customers. Therefore, we are open to ideas that can challenge the conventional views and drive innovation.